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In the early 1990’s I was a sysop in the photography forums at Compuserv. At that time (as is still the case), one of my primary interests was infrared photography, and we had numerous discussions on the issue. A difficulty I had was explaining the “Wood Effect,” and trying to describe the difference between the Kodak and Konica versions of their film.

In 1994 I was able to access something I had heard about but not experience, the Internet. The local library offered access to their Unix box, so I was able to establish an email address on a freeserver in California (which was then lost when their policy changed to only allow California citizens access to email on their server). I became well acquainted with pine (email), vi (text editor), and after playing around with gopher (the most popular means of gathering information at the time), WAIS, Veronica, and news servers, I settled on the program Lynx, which gave me access to the Web. This did not allow for images to be displayed (which was good because the modems at that time, typically 2400 baud, did not allow for quick downloading). In 1995 I obtained an account with a provider for my employer, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF), to have access to the Internet and used the Cello browser to be able to see pictures. I immediately saw the solution to the problem I had had at Compuserv.

(Side note: I learned HTML and put together a sample website for CBF and showed it to the directors at the top of the organization. They were impressed, but declined to have a website because only people on the Internet would be able to view it.)

I created a website with the intention of having a location to where I could point people so that they could see for themselves what infrared photography looked like, and the current iteration, Handmade Photographic Images, can be found at GLSmyth.com.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight my images, current and past. When I complete an image I feel is good enough to be published, I will do so, and at other times I will offer previously created images.

So welcome to this particular corner of the world, one of several for me. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and always feel free to either enter comments or email me directly via George.Smyth@Gmail.com.




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