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One of the nice things about pinhole photography is that you have a chance to build your camera to your own specifications. Oftentimes, this simply ends up as utilizing whatever happens to be available, and in this case I used a large coffee can. After spray painting the inside black and adding a pinhole, I made a paper film holder and loaded it with halftone film.

This particular image is that of my son, Jimmy. The exposure time was about three minutes, as halftone film is considerably slower than standard panchromatic film, and was developed with dilute Dektol (probably in the 1+10 to 1+20 range).

This works well with alternative processes, which require more contrast than would normally be desired in an enlarger. This image was printed using the Van Dyke process, a favorite of mine not only because it yields results that can be confused with platinum/palladium, but also because of the cost.


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