General Store, Galesville, MD

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Toy cameras are fun. The lack of quality can sometimes make for an interesting image if the subject is appropriate. I like taking pictures of buildings that are on their last legs, and this image was made in the very small town of Galesville, MD, population in the hundreds.

In this town there was (and probably still is) a small gallery where I showed my work occasionally. At the time I lived in Annapolis, which was about half an hour away, and having moved 45 minutes in the other direction, I have not visited Galesville in years. The old town offers numerous photographic possibilities, so I may need to return some day.

This store has seen its better days, and the picture was taken with my trusty Holga. I love the vignette around the edges as well as the difficulty the image has in those areas. I have recently purchased a pinhole version of the Holga and have Velvia film to push through it, so those images will be posted at some point in the future.


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3 Responses to General Store, Galesville, MD

  1. Wonderful photo – Holga vignetting is a great thing!

    I’ll be interested to hear about your experience with Velvia in a pinhole camera – I’ve been trying to work out the reciprocity correction and am not quite sure where that’s going yet :-)

    • GLSmyth says:

      I used a lot of Velvia in my time, but not with pinhole. The only thing to do is to spend a roll testing and taking notes. I cannot really even venture a guess.

      • Thanks for your response. I used to use Velvia w/ 35mm SLR, and if I recall correctly, about 1/2 stop “underexposure” seemed to work well. But I didn’t have a lot of occasion to make the very long exposures that are required with a pinhole camera. I should test more systematically … I’ll look forward to your results.

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