Woman: Inish Meáin

Woman: Inish Meáin

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There is just no question that the Aran Islands is a special place. Located off the west coast of Ireland, these three large rocks are home to a little over 1,000 individuals (on all three islands) who are quite removed from the mainland, despite being only about an hour away via boat.

The largest of the three islands, Inis Mór, is where most of the tourists go, though one cannot think of this in terms of a typical tourist trap. There is one small hotel (people primarily stay at B&B’s), a small grocery store, and not much else. Visiting the second smallest island, Inish Meáin (about 3 miles by 2 miles) places one where few people live.

This is a picture of a woman on this second island in traditional dress as she walked along the road. As you can see, stones are the primary building material for everything in this incredibly interesting place, where I hope to return.


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