Green On Green

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Click for larger image

There is a woods near our house in Columbia, Maryland where I oftentimes take a walk. The nicest thing about the woods is that it is zoned so that houses can never be built in the area, thus protecting the area from development. The woods have paths where people wan walk or ride bicycles, and bridges where they cross small streams.

Near the closest entrance to the woods a small pond can be found. When I take a walk in the morning before going to work I pass this pond. At certain times of the year the pond is covered by a green bed of algae, which almost makes one feel that they can walk across it.

This bed makes for interesting images, like Green On Green, where the plant that is growing in the water of the pond appears to be sprouting from something quite different. The shadows cast onto the algae add to the confusion of the image.

I have recently added a Postcards section to my website, with an explanation as to why many of the images I will be offering in the future will retain this tag.


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