Church, Wales

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By the time I made my second trip to Wales I had five years of serious photography under my belt. My plan was to spend a week in Wales, meet my girlfriend and her sister in Ireland and stay there for a week, then return to Wales for a final week. The primary question in my mind involved how much film to take with me.

I decided upon 70 rolls and included a fair amount of infrared film, perhaps about 15 rolls if I remember correctly. It’s unfortunate that I cannot remember the location of my first full day, but I was in a small town (there are really only two large cities in Wales, Cardiff and Swansea) and saw this building at the top of a hill.

It was a fairly long walk, but when I arrived I saw that it was a church. Most churches have steeples but this one did not. The stone appeared to be fairly old, but not as old as the castles that originally attracted me to Wales. I never did find out about this church, but this was the first picture taken on that vacation using Kodak High-Speed Infrared film, which included my trip to the Aran Islands.


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