Farm, Morgantown, WV

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Click for larger image

Many major highways throughout the United States were originally built in the 1950’s. Businesses purchased land along the highways because of the obvious convenience to customers. This resulted in a snowball effect of traffic added to the highway and more businesses added along the road.

Other highways, however, were built more recently with the intention of connecting two remote points, with little between. An example is Route 79 in West Virginia, which connects Morgantown and Charleston, the state capital. This highway was built in the 1970’s and cuts right through the state. Anyone wishing to see the state can get a crow’s eye view of life without the expectation of convenient travel by traveling this highway – it’s like cutting through a row of back yards.

This image was not captured on Route 79, but on Route 68, only a few miles from that highway. This connector road (at least the section near Route 79) also cuts through the back yards of West Virginia and offers a glimpse of the state that would not be available otherwise.

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