Brecon, Wales

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There are a number of pictures from this sequence, as I will explain momentarily, and this is not the best of the series. I can only guess that I sent the best of the group out at one time but did not record it.

About a dozen years ago I visited Wales, which is one of the most wonderful places I’ve ever been. I had been shooting Kodak infrared film, which needs to be swapped in and out of the camera in the dark, and having come close to the end of the roll, headed back to the B&B where I had been staying in Brecon.

I had about eight frames remaining on the roll so I decided to just expose them on the next subject that came to mind. Just before arriving at the B&B I came across a school yard with children playing. I decided to take some pictures of them, one of which is displayed here.

As I was shooting, one of the children noticed me and asked what I was doing. After telling him, he asked if I would take his picture. I told him that I would and had him step away about twenty paces. Of course, some other children noticed this and came over, asking if I would take their picture. I had them line up next to the first child and took their picture.

This happened several times and before I knew it I had 14 children lined up. I told them all to yell “Cheese” and took their picture with the last frame on the roll. I thanked them and began to walk away. At that point the first child whose picture I took the picture of came running up to me and sand, “Did you really take our picture?” I told him that I had done so. He smiled and said, “What fun … lovely.”


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