To The Left


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I remember many years ago listening to a coworker tell me that she had camped out in the desert. She spent a lot of time looking at the stars and wished that she knew how to take pictures of the star trails. I could have explained that to her. The problem was that she had purchased a camera that was the latest and greatest, and did everything for her – except give her knowledge.

Perhaps the reason I’ve enjoyed the low tech for so long is that it is limiting, and requires one to build a set of knowledge before being able to squeeze as much out as possible. One of these low tech devices is my trusty Holga camera, with two shutter speeds and three aperture possibilities. Such limitations forces one to work with what they’ve got and that’s what I did in this picture.

I had a roll of Konica Infrared film, which I normally shoot at EI 8 when metered through a #25 (red) filter. Such a slow film speed means that just about the only way to use it within the Holga is to make multiple exposures (I could use the Bulb setting) , and in this image of the old Annapolis Market House (now, unfortunately, refurbished) I waited for people to cross the street before taking the multiple exposures.


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