Graveyard Figure

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I have taken many pictures within graveyards, most of them of graveyard angels. This one is not an angel, so I’ll just call it a figure. It is one of my favorites, and one that I have printed in a wide variety of ways, and was captured on Kodak HSI, the 4X5″ variety of infrared film no longer available (thankfully I still have a handful of boxes in the freezer) with my pinhole camera.

This particular printing was a contact print for the postcards I sent out a number of years ago, which is why the borders are black. Since it is a 4X5″ image printed on 5X7″ paper, combined with the fact that the camera’s extreme wide angle produces a vignette due to light falloff, it appears as if one is peering through something meant to prevent our seeing this. This allows for a particular interpretation of the image, which the viewer can decide for themselves.

I enjoy having the ability to decide how to print each image. A rich image such as this offers a large number of possibilities for printing, and gives me the chance to decide each time how I want to present it. It enforces the idea that there is no “one way” to print, and each printing sessions brings with it its own set of challenges and fun.


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7 Responses to Graveyard Figure

  1. ybonesy says:

    Quite a haunting and lovely image. Thanks.

  2. QuoinMonkey says:

    I agree with ybonesy. And isn’t it refreshing – there is no one way to do anything! Thank goodness for that! I used to do a lot of print and paper experimentation in the darkroom. That was part of the fun. I had a great time with contact printing and with mural images. I no longer have a darkroom but hope to someday again. Do you have a favorite graveyard that you visit?

  3. glsmyth says:

    My favorite is probably the one in Annapolis, Maryland, where this shot was taken. I lived in Annapolis for ten years and returned several months ago to that graveyard to take some pictures with my pinhole blender. A couple of the shots are posted at

    Cheers –


  4. bb says:

    Great dramatic shot. Well done.
    I’m new to pinhole myself and am quickly getting hooked!

  5. Neil says:

    Well, I find it extraordinarily interesting.Good luck to all of you. And I’m sure you’ll do fine. Really. Just fine.

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