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A number of years ago the Klu Klux Klan decided to have a rally in Annapolis, Maryland. For my friends outside of the United States who do not know about this organization of racists, I’ll link to this Wikipedia article – suffice it to say that they’re somewhat like the Flat Earth Society, a group of people with worn out wacky beliefs.

Being the state capital, Annapolis becomes a focal point for such things. As we have the law of free speech in our society, they were granted permission to perform their ceremony in front of the Capitol building. Of course, their intention was to promote ill will and attention ot their cause. However, the powers that be had an idea in mind that truly rankled this organization. The entire section in front of the Capitol building was surrounded by buses that had been parked together so closely that nobody was able to see what was going on. This allowed the KKK to be able to exercise their constitutionally given rights, yet prevent them from actually accomplishing their end game.

In response to the rally, a number of organizations got permission to have a parade of their own. I took a number of pictures of the parade, but my favorite was of this gentleman who was ready to begin showing his pride.

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