KatieThe Bromoil process starts by creating a print as usual. After getting the exposure and contrast settings correct, another print is created, normally by exposing one stop more and one grade of contrast less. This results in a dark, muddy image. After drying the print over night, the image is bleached and tanned and again dried over night. Finally, the image is restored by soaking the print then striking it with an stiff ink-charged brush thousands of times.

This particular image was taken of my daughter a number of years ago. I always liked the picture and felt that it was one of the better ones I took of her, but the lamp in the original was blown out. The Bromoil process helped remove this harshness and replace it with a representation more fitting.


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4 Responses to Katie

  1. ybonesy says:

    What a wonderful outcome. Very old-fashioned and soft and romantic. Of course, the subject helped.

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