Walking In The Woods


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Click for larger image

Shooting infrared can enhance many images and this happens to be one of them. This image is of my daughter, walking ahead of me on a trail. Of course, the foliage has been lightened considerably due to the “Wood effect,” which gives the scene a more ethereal feel. In this particular case, had the image been captured by “normal” film, she would have blended into the scene and become considerably less noticeable in the confusion of the surrounding. However, infrared film picked her out amongst the foliage, allowing for a meaningful composition.

Unfortunately, most digital cameras have a filter blocking infrared radiation, so this sort of image is not possible. This makes sense because infrared radiation can confuse the meter and result in an exposure that is not exact. On the other hand, if one shoots in RAW then the exposure can be altered to correct this problem, that is, the few times it may exist. I speak of it this way because my Nikon D70 does not have this filter and I have found the exposures to be very close.

Speaking of the Nikon D70, I can say that it works wonderfully with an infrared filter. It does not have the information capturing capabilities of Kodak High-speed Infrared Film, but does an excellent job nonetheless. I do need to do some experimentation using a #25 (red) filter, which is what most photographers using infrared film use because it allows one to continue viewing the scene when shooting (an infrared filter blocks visible light, so a tripod is mandatory).

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