Tuesday Morning

Tuesday MorningI have put together a number of slide shows using ProShow Gold, and instead of using the software to put music to vacation pictures, I usually try to tell a story.

One of these shows, called Tuesday Morning, followed my impressions of the travel to work in Washington, D.C., where I did work for a period of time. The morning commute via train is an interesting experience when done on a regular basis because the most stimulating things very quickly become ordinary. Only by looking back can one appreciate the organized confusion of the situation.

The show begins calmly with people boarding the train, and follows the ride through waits at connecting points, finally arriving at the destination. This particular image is from the latter part of the show where people have left the train and are on their way to work, oblivious to the patterns they create through their movements.

The music I used for the show was created by myself in the 1975-1976 timeframe, so I was using images a few years old, and music thirty years old.

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