Winifred Horan

Winifred HoranTheir recent album is toned down and not as exciting as previous offerings, but for many years I have felt that Solas was the best Irish band on the planet. I saw the initial incarnation of the band before they actually had an official name. Each year Georgetown University offers a free Celtic concert just packed with great artists (although getting information as to when this happens is a real problem). After the concert I had a chance to speak with Seamus Egan backstage and he told me that although the group didn’t yet have a name, Solas was the one they were knocking around.

This particular image came many years later at a concert at the Ram’s Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD. Thankfully, flash photography is not allowed, so my choice was to play with the lighting. I got a number of wonderful images that evening, but I felt that this one tends to best convey the feeling I get when Winifred Horan gets going.


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  1. You can say what you want but i loved it and im still enjoying the sounds, mmmm…

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