Local Gathering Point

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Click for larger image

Pinhole photography offers the availability to form the image to allow numerous interpretations. The perception offered by the image can be quite different from what the picture was actually about.

I’ve always thought about how interesting it would be to go back to medieval times and enter a pub, watching to comings and goings of the patronage, and this was an attempt to capture that feeling – the feeling of a little magic, and a little danger.

Of course, this is actually a zone plate image I took while eating lunch at a local establishment, but playing with the highlights and shadows allows me to play make believe.

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2 Responses to Local Gathering Point

  1. What a great image – I agree, I do love using pinhole cameras to get a different view of things.

  2. glsmyth says:

    Christian –

    Thanks for the comment, I enjoyed looking at your images at http://christianharkness.tripod.com.

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