A Full Inning

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Click for larger image

I spent two years in college studying Music Theory and Composition, and 3 1/2 of the semesters I spent studying theory were concentrated on the music of Bach. Nobody shaped the rules of the music we hear today more than J.S. Bach and learning these rules gives one an excellent foundation on which to build.

Of course, it makes little sense to replicate the music of Bach outside of academic purposes – we learn the rules so that we can learn how best to break them.

Pinhole photography generally takes a fair amount of light because of the slowness of the exposure. Sometimes I like to do the opposite of what I am supposed to do to see what happens. Oftentimes it results in disaster, but other times I find that things can become interesting.

In this particular situation I think that the results fall somewhere between disaster and interesting. The image is of a full inning of play during a nighttime Baseball game. Close inspection will reveal blurs where the players stood, which reflects my memory of this particular game. Does an image that properly reflects one’s memory successful?

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