Froggy Joe

Froggy JoeSometimes images come and grab me by the collar, demanding that they be captured. This happened not long ago when my girlfriend came to me to let me know that she had found a frog in a flower pot.

Curious as to what she was talking about, I went to the back yard and indeed, a tree frog had jumped into an empty flower pot. These tree frogs are heard all the time in the evenings, chirping to one another, but actually seeing them is something special.

I took a series of pictures of the little guy inside and on the pot. After his picture-taking session, I carried him over to the garden and let him go. Now when I hear the tree frogs calling to one another at night, I wonder which one of them is Froggy Joe.

Addendum: After this happened I created an electronic piece of music and offered it to the listeners of my Eclectic Mix podcast. This, along with several other pieces of electronic music, can be found at

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