Abandoned Boat, Smith Island

Abandoned Boat, Smith IslandThere was a time when watermen worked the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, harvesting blue crabs and anything else nature had to offer. There was a thriving community on Smith Island, which lies within the Bay on the boundary of Maryland and Virginia, that provided quick access to some of the best fishing resources on the east coast, but these days are gone.

Today there are still a very few people who make their living as watermen, but when they go, so will that way of life.

Another post of an abandoned boat on Smith Island, also an infrared image, can be found here. This particular image was shot using a yellow filter before exposing the Konica infrared film to give the it a more subtle gradation.

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3 Responses to Abandoned Boat, Smith Island

  1. John says:

    Smith Island is a great place to visit with camera in hand. We love to ride over and get crab cakes in the little store there, or walk thru the town. Youre right, crabbing is not what it once was, but the residents are hanging on for the moment….

    Fresh Seafood

  2. glsmyth says:

    John – Indeed, it is a place for photographers. I believe that there are some B&B’s there so staying overnight is a possibility.

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