Mom And Dad

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It is no coincidence that showing one of my favorite images coincides with my website redesign. The latter first.

I visit a lot of photographic websites, mostly through blogs to which I subscribe. Some I have learned to love, and others I have learned to … well, not love nearly as much. I knew that I going to be redesigning my website, after all it has been long overdue. It has gone through many iterations since 1995, and it was time to give it a new look.

I came to realize that the photographic websites I loved were the ones that placed the emphasis on the images offered, as opposed to “an eye-catching design.” The use of Flash can be a lot of fun for the first couple of visits, but too often gets in the way of the task at hand, which is to show ones work. So I decided to strip things down to something that was simple, straightforward, and if you do not like the images then I cannot fall back on “an eye-catching design.” So I invite you to visit and check out the new images I have placed there in the numerous categories.

As far as this image is concerned, the subject is, of course, my parents. I wanted to take some good pictures of them so I had them sit on a bunch in their front yard while I set up my 4X5 camera. They talked while I worked away, and after putting the film holder in the camera my father said something that made my mother laugh. I went ahead and snapped a picture, replaced the film, and took a series of the shots I had intended. After making the contact prints I saw that the first picture I had taken said so much about them that I never got around to printing any of the other negatives I had exposed.


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