Row Of Trees

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Symmetry comes in many forms, oftentimes intentional. Nature that has been transformed by humans is usually made symmetrical for purposes of efficiency For instance, more trees can be planted in an area if done so in rows than planted randomly.

This image is of several rows of trees that were planted near the Loch Raven Reservoir, north of Baltimore, MD.

The memory of the last time I photographed there, however, was not of trees. After taking this shot I ventured further into the area. Eventually, I came across an ant hill. This was unlike any ant hill I had ever seen – it was about ten feet across and perhaps two feet high. I thought that it might make for a good image, so I set up my tripod and mounted my large format camera on it.

Adding the lens, I was in the process of focusing when I felt something on my legs. Looking down I saw hundreds of ants climbing up my legs and the legs of the tripod. I picked the tripod up and slammed it down several feet away, dislodging the ants, and then started jumping and swatting at my legs. This was a true “ants in my pants” situation, although fortunately I was wearing shorts, so pushing them away was easier than if I had been wearing long pants.

For at least fifteen minutes after that I would occasionally find a stray ant meandering somewhere on my body. This is a case where the slowness of working with a large format camera definitely worked against me.


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