Annapolis Dock

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

I worked in Annapolis for over 10 years, and one of my favorite locations was the dock. I spent many lunchtimes there taking in sights and sounds. This particular image is representative of the activity there, which included not only the people, but also the rafts and kayaks.

The rafts were generally from boats that were docked offshore, where the people wanted to get to land. One of the kayaks normally found at the dock was the transportation of a person with whom I worked.

This image was captured with Konica Infrared using a #8 (yellow) filter. My intent was to slightly darken the sky, water and foliage. I normally exposed the 120 version of Konica at EI 8 when metered through a #25 filter, so this image was shot a bit faster. Nonetheless, one can see the blur of people on the left despite the fact that this image was taken around noon on a sunny day.


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