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Trees By Lake Kittamaqundi

Back in 2001 I was one of a small group of people to help found Worldwide Pinhole Day. On the last Sunday of April the idea was to take a picture with a pinhole camera and upload it to the … Continue reading

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Public Dock

In Annapolis, MD there are a few places where the public can go to launch their boats. Conversely, these few places can be used by boaters visiting the city to dock their dingy. One of those out of the way … Continue reading

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Annapolis Street

Annapolis, MD is an interesting place in many respects. It is one of the older cities in the United States, but has been maintained nicely due to regulations concerning historic buildings (this has also proven to be a problem, as … Continue reading

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My Mystery Picture

My son has become a pretty good photographer, experimenting with things that I have yet to touch. When he was a good bit younger he would occasionally produce what we called a “mystery picture.” These were images that, for the … Continue reading

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Bridge To The Gazebo

A while back I wrote about locations to which one returns to shoot. Although the location is the same, the feeling may not be. Even when the feeling is the same, the choice of how one decides to shoot the … Continue reading

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One of the most frustrating things for me is my failure to remember names. It seems like I am able to figure out how to do just about anything, but when it comes to remembering the name of someone I … Continue reading

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House Near Galesville, MD

I used to show some of my prints at a small art gallery in Galesville, Maryland, and each time I traveled there, I passed a house that was in a continual state of falling apart. I finally decided to capture … Continue reading

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Lumen #3

Just thought I would share another expired paper photogram.

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Looking Into 180s

180s is a company that began by making ear warmers that wrap halfway around the head, and now has a whole line of winter clothing. The building is on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and is a treasure trove of imagery when … Continue reading

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