My Mystery Picture

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

My son has become a pretty good photographer, experimenting with things that I have yet to touch. When he was a good bit younger he would occasionally produce what we called a “mystery picture.” These were images that, for the life of us, we simply could not figure out what the subject was. Sometimes the images were meaningless, but other times they turned out to be rather interesting.

Shooting pinhole carries with it an element of chance. I normally have a good idea as to how my images will look, as I have taken so many of them, but occasionally I do get stumped. This particular image is the result of shooting through a pinhole sieve and I remember taking the shot. However, I do not remember seeing the “figure” in the lower right corner. It looks like a child, but I am sure that it is not. I have examined this to no end and have given up on figuring out what that light blotch represents, so this is my version of a “mystery picture.”


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