Trees By Lake Kittamaqundi

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Back in 2001 I was one of a small group of people to help found Worldwide Pinhole Day. On the last Sunday of April the idea was to take a picture with a pinhole camera and upload it to the website. There were 315 participants. Last year 3,134 images from around the world found their way onto the website.

For this year’s image I decided to shoot an image of a line of trees along a lake near where I live. Sometimes people ask me about the attraction of pinhole, and one of my explanations is that the depth of field is unlimited. This particular image shows that to be the case.

The image was captured with an 8X10″ pinhole camera, so there is quite a bit of detail in the image. The list of entries so far (entries can be submitted until the last day in May) can be found by going to


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2 Responses to Trees By Lake Kittamaqundi

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  2. I stumbled in from the F295 forum and I am very glad I did, that is a very beautiful image.

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