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Door And Tree

One of the more recognizable buildings in Annapolis, Maryland is St. Anne’s Church in the middle of the appropriately named Church Circle. The church was used in an episode of the West Wing, where I stood outside with numerous others … Continue reading

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Kathy Sitting

This is a complement to the Kathy Reading. The image is actually rather small, being a contact print of a 4.5X6 cm negative, and my preference is for the smaller size, as it is more intimate.

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Lumen #1

Shown here is another expired paper photogram. I explained the process for creating these in my entry “Photogram 19.”

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A simple design here. I love the way that the elevators cross one another, following a design that takes one back and forth across the image.

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Inside The House Of Dreams

One of my favorite images is House Of Dreams, and I have even offered an image from behind the house.  This image was taken inside. Bromoil wonderfully allows me to offer this much with the same feeling I had when … Continue reading

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Confusion on Pratt Street

Some images are fun because they are confusing. Perhaps it is the lack or even abundance of information, but this particular image reminds me of an Escher painting, where all the parts are there, but they do not appear to … Continue reading

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Public Pier

This zone plate image is the second in the series of four images taken at a small public dock in Annapolis, MD.

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Annapolis Graveyard

Chris Peregoy’s Pinhole Blender allows for the blending of multiple pinhole images into a single frame. This particular image was made in a graveyard beside the city of Annapolis, MD, allowing gravestones and graveyard angels to blend into one another.

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