Construction In Edinburgh

While at the top of the Sir Walter Scott Monument in Edinburgh, I looked straight down and watched the construction in progress.  I saw workers and pedestrians moving, as well as standing still, and thought it would be interesting to find a way to show this.  I took a series of five images within the span of a couple of seconds with the intention of combining them.  I felt that HDR would be the most appropriate way to put things together, as it would offer the tone mapping capabilities to me.  When I asked Photomatix to put these images together it initially complained, as all of the images were shot with the same exposure information.  After assuring the software that this was indeed my intention, it put them together.

I recommend looking at this image in its largest format, as one can much better see the ghosting of the individuals who are walking around the construction area, as well as the multiple locations of portions of the construction equipment, especially the yellow machine in the center.


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