God’s Ark of Safety

In 1979 I was was employed as Assistant Manager at Children’s World, a small local toy store chain. I was given a promotion to become Manager, but at the store in Frederick, Maryland. It was during the drive there that I first saw a sign near Frostburg that said, “NOAH’S ARK BEING REBUILT HERE!” It was just a sign, and having no idea what it meant, I continued driving.

Over the past 30 years I have driven back and forth on this road, seeing the sign as I travel to visit family and friends in Morgantown, West Virginia. Not much has changed on the site, but there is now an actual structure, so I finally decided to take a picture.

The building is being created by the charismatic God’s Ark of Safety Church, and they are literally planning to build a full size replica of the Ark.


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1 Response to God’s Ark of Safety

  1. Ellen S Wilds says:

    The structure has remained untouched since around 1981 and no current work is being done on it.

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