Outdoor Theatre At William & Mary

When my daughter went to William & Mary College, she took me to an outdoor theatre that was deep within a wooded area.   The theatre had been left to ruin many years previously and I returned to take numerous pictures of the crumbling structure.

The images did not work as well as I had wanted, so I planned to return at some point to reshoot.  Several years ago while on vacation I realized that my travels would take me past the college, so I decided that that was the time to reshoot the images I had thought about.  Upon my return I found that the entire structure had been rebuilt and the time for reshoot had passed.

This is a digital HDR infrared image of the view to the stage from the seated level.  I had no thought of HDR at the time I took the images, I had just bracketed in the hopes that I would find a good way to combine the images at a later time.   If you look across the stream you will see part of the “Secret Entrance” that I posted yesterday.

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