Burnside’s Bridge, Antietam

Burnside’s Bridge was a major component of the Battle of Antietam during the American Civil War. September 17, 1862 was the single bloodiest day in the war, with 23,000 men losing their lives.

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3 Responses to Burnside’s Bridge, Antietam

  1. Bruce Caisse says:

    A very lovely and peaceful shot of the bridge which saw such bloodshed. My great great grandfather fought here with the 6th NH regiment trying to take this bridge to no avail. A regiment from New York finally took this bridge after their commanding officer promised to give them back the whiskey he had taken from them if they succeeded. They did. I guess a little whiskey pitched in with the Union cause helped after all!

    • dorothy mikutis says:

      Just came back from a 3 day tour. The Burnside Bridge shows how close the fighting was. The distance between the sides is so minute. You can walk from the north on top of the hill to the south on the other side of the bridge in 15 minutes. Both sides faced each other knowing they would be killed. Would any of us today be as brave? I doubt it. No one today has any concept of the valor both sides portrayed. This bridge will be a reminder to me what the Civil War meant to both sides.

      • glsmyth says:

        Anyone who wishes to get a feeling for what happened at Antietam will be overwhelmed by visiting when they light the luminaries (blog post here), where they light one for each of the 23,000 men who lost their lives on that one day.

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