Standing Watch

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Click for larger image

If you want a real challenge, try street photography with a pinhole camera. Impossible you say? Well, for the most part that is correct. However, there are some circumstances where it can work.

This image was taken at the Baltimore Harbor and I had spent most of the day shooting with other ideas in mind. However, I came to realize that although I stood out amongst the crowd (not many people carrying pinhole cameras on a tripod), I was about to blend in when necessary.

These people were watching something that was going on alongside the water, so I quickly set up my camera and was able to capture this image.


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2 Responses to Standing Watch

  1. Karen says:

    Very nice shot – I like how all the angles interplay – the foreground stairs and railings, the background building on the right, the parking lot lines. I definitely think you can get some really interesting street images with pinhole, maybe some fortuitous motion blur, that would be really rewarding.

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