Steps (Bromoil)

A while back I offered a post called Steps. My intention for the image was to use it to create a Bromoil print. After calibrating the curve that needed to be applied to the paper I decided to use (Fomabrom Variant IV), I printed a red negative version of the image onto a clear substrate. This allowed me to use it as a negative that I could use to contact print a traditional silver gelatin image, which is the first part of making a Bromoil print.

The ability to do this means that if I choose to abandon film at some point in the future, I will still be able to create Bromoil prints. I am not concerned that film will go away any more than black and white went away with the introduction of color, but it not only allows me to carry one less camera, but also manipulate existing images with the ease of Photoshop.

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