Tobay Beach #4

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

This is the fourth of five pinhole images offered this week of the result of waves on Tobay Beach, Long Island during the time of Hurricane Bill. Please reference those entries for the earlier section of the story.

I returned to the Atlantic side of the beach, but a ways up from where we had initially looked. This side of the beach was closed for obvious reasons, but since there was a pavilion at that location, I decided to use it to steady my camera. The police were there but I walked past them as if I was supposed to be there. When I arrived at the pavilion there were a number of people congregating in the area, which I came to realize were the lifeguards that normally would have been working that area. I set my camera on one of the ledges and started taking pictures. One of the lifeguards came up to me and told me that I really shouldn’t be there. I smiled and nodded, as if to agree with him. Apparently satisfied that he had done his part, he walked away, and I was met by several other lifeguards who asked me about my camera. I did my best to explain the camera and the results I thought I would get. If anyone knows a lifeguard who works at Tobay Beach, perhaps they can be pointed to this entry.

Tomorrow I will show the last image of the series.

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1 Response to Tobay Beach #4

  1. Tracy Reehal says:

    Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!

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