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Bourbon Street Clarinetist

It is difficult to go far in the French Quarter in New Orleans without hearing music coming from somewhere. At night there is a place on Bourbon Street where musicians gather and play together. I spent quite a bit of … Continue reading

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Begging For Beads

Anything you have heard about Bourbon Street in New Orleans is probably true. People in balconies oftentimes have plastic beads that are thrown down to the crowd below. In this particular case some of the people on the street are … Continue reading

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Artist, New Orleans

New Orleans is all about art. We all know about the music that can be heard on many streets within the French Quarter, but the city also holds numerous visual artists. Any photographer will drool with a visit to A … Continue reading

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View From A Chair

I spent last weekend and a couple of days in New Orleans. I have a feeling that anything anyone has said about Bourbon Street is probably true. I found the city to be interesting, fun, and full of conflicts. I … Continue reading

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Another Season, Another Disappointment

So ends another season where the Baltimore Orioles not only are not in the playoffs, but lose more than they won. It would be too depressing to see how many consecutive seasons that has been the case. The only good … Continue reading

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Tobay Beach #5

This is the last of five pinhole images offered this week of the result of waves on Tobay Beach, Long Island during the time of Hurricane Bill. The story of these images can be found in those four previous entries. … Continue reading

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