Nature 1

Sometimes I’m not sure whether or not the idea for a project makes sense until I start working on it. This is one of those cases where I thought about this idea but did nothing because I was not sure whether or not it would work. I’m still unsure, but need to get further into it before I can make a decision.

The idea for this project came a while back when the flowers in a large bed in front of the building were dug up and replaced by other similar flowers. I had no idea why this was done, because the flowers still looked beautiful, but apparently a corporate calendar somewhere determined that their time was over.

The new flowers then had large metal hoops placed over the beds, and nylon letting was affixed to these hoops. I have seen this sort of thing done where I live because deer make a meal of anything with color (although nobody uses the metal hoops), but I doubt that deer do not frequent the industrial park where I work, at least I have never seen signs of deer, and never seen a flower out of place. Again, I am sure that a corporate decision was made somewhere that dictated this, regardless of circumstance.

This got me thinking of the relationship we have with nature, where we create or retain it, but stunt its beauty by our permanence. Are flowers in cages better than no flowers at all? When we create replicas of natural settings, does the knowledge of the fact that this an illusion destroy the illusion itself?

I am still working through this and hopeful will better be able to clarify these thoughts in a more cogent manner as this work progresses. Until that time comes, I am offering three images, one today, another tomorrow, and a third on Thursday, which will illustrate my current thinking on this topic.

For the curious, these images were all taken with my 6X6cm Certo Six folding camera, a relic from East Germany in the late 1950s.

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