Mission Concepción

San Antonio is one of my favorite cities, and I have posted images from the River Walk in the past. The city is best known as the location of the Alamo, which has an important place in American history. The Alamo was a mission, but only one of several in the area, and in my opinion, definitely not the most physically interesting. The other missions are Mission San Juan, Mission Espada, Mission San José, and portrayed in this image, Mission Concepción. I posted this image a couple of years ago, but feel that it works very well as a Bromoil print.

This Bromoil print was created differently from others I have done in the past. A good friend gave me some Kodak Ektalure paper, which is perfect for Bromoil. The only problem is that not only is it a fixed grade paper, meaning that the contrast of the negative must match the paper, but it has long been unavailable. This means that each sheet in my possession is dear. The last thing I want is to waste paper making test strips only to find that the negative does not match the paper.

To create this image I scanned a 35mm negative, worked with the image digitally, then created a digital negative that matched the paper. I then contact printed this negative on the paper and created the Bromoil print. So I went from analog to digital to analog. The vast majority of my Bromoil images from this point out will be the result of creating digital negatives, as it allows me to pull from the best of the two technologies.


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1 Response to Mission Concepción

  1. Karen says:

    Gorgeous, as textured as the walls of the mission itself. I’m developing a deep appreciation for bromoil prints from viewing your recent work. I like how you are incorporating digital negative technique to help avoid trile-and-error wastage in the printing stage. Very inspiring.

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