It has been a while since I have posted, and once again being gainfully employed (at least through September) has taken away from my ability to offer images. No complaints.

I have been working on a portfolio that I have decided to call The Extras. These are people who enter and exit my life, oftentimes without interaction. Although their presence would appear to be superfluous, their absence would be intolerable. These extras in the movie of my life, for the most part, act as decoration, however it is clear that each one has their own life, successes and failures, hopes and dreams, and effect on those who love and hate them. I am in the process of putting together a website that will contain this portfolio, and will give the address once it is ready.

This image was taken with a $20 digital key chain camera. A digital negative was created from the image, and used in the darkroom to make the original print. The lack of information in the background is not the result of the camera’s capabilities, but the picture was taken in a very dark location. I continue to experiment with this camera that is slightly larger than my thumb, and expect to offer more images as they become available.

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