The Singer

When Aaron Copland visited West Virginia University he talked about his piece Appalachian Spring. When listening to the music people say that they can see the Appalachian mountains and go on to describe the imagery. In truth, as Copland told it, he wrote the piece with no such thing in mind, and did not have a proper title for it when it was completed. He had written it for choreographer and dancer Martha Graham, who suggested the title, as she had been reading a poem that used the phrase.

Alas, any comparison I might give myself to Aaron Copland would be a stretch, at best, but this image falls in that category. Don’t wait for this woman to begin singing, as she was a waitress in a restaurant where we dined a while back. The image was taken with my key chain camera and falls into the category of The Extras, to which I referenced in my previous entry. The more I looked at this image, the more it looked like she was beginning a recital. Who knows, perhaps she really is a singer, at least she is in the movie of my life.

OTOH, I have spoken with several other photographers about this image and they disagree with me, telling me that they do not see her singing, but otherwise engaged, and suggest that this image would better be offered without a title.  What do you think?  I’d like to know.

This is a Bromoil print.  The image was captured by a toy digital camera, a digital negative was created, a traditional darkroom print was made form the negative, and the Bromoil produced from that print.

I have a new Website that is devoted to my current photographic project, The Extras, which can be found at


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