The Conversation

It had been a long time – too long a time since they had seen one another.  Each had stories to tell, accomplishments to highlight and failures to gloss over.  Growing up they shared so many things, occasionally fighting over their differences, but always finding a way to reconcile the gap and accompany the other’s presence.  But the years had been too long, and the more they talked, the more they realized that the other was a stranger.  They both found a way to end the conversation and go on their separate ways.

This is another in my series of The Extras, a project that highlights those who are the extras in the movie of my life.  I do not know these people, I do not interact with them, and they do not influence me in any way – they are just people filling the screen.  Of course, their lives are full and I am but an extra in the movie of their life.

The stories I see in these images have nothing to do with the reality outside of my imagination.  Certainly every picture tells a story (sounds like a good song title), but those stories are unknown to me, so my mind fills in the gaps.

This image was originally captured digitally, then printed in the darkroom through a digital negative.  As is the case with all images in this project, this scan is from a Bromoil print.

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