Moving On

He couldn’t have been less subtle.  Of course, that must have been his intention, to end things in such a way that there would be no turning back.  She had felt it coming, but even so it seemed like part of her was gone and would take time to recover.  She looked forward to getting through the mourning process and moving on to the next phase.

This is another in my series of The Extras, a project that highlights those who are the extras in the movie of my life.  I do not know these people, I do not interact with them, and they do not influence me in any way – they are just people filling the screen.  Of course, their lives are full and I am but an extra in the movie of their life.

The stories I see in these images have nothing to do with the reality outside of my imagination.  Certainly every picture tells a story (sounds like a good song title), but those stories are unknown to me, so my mind fills in the gaps.

This image was printed through a digital negative on my ever decreasing stock of Agfa MCC118 paper.

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