The Call

It had been three weeks since she submitted her application and today the decision would be made. She had felt confident all along – finishing the project, being satisfied with it, and getting positive feedback from those who didn’t always offer it. But over the weeks she thought of all the things that were out of her control. How would people she didn’t know react? Would they read into it things that she had not intended? Perhaps they were having a bad day – not much she could do about that. Her phone rang. As she read the display that showed the originating number, she knew that the decision had been made.

This picture was taken before the gallery reception of a friend as I waited for the doors to open. I shot holding the camera behind my back as I faced the opposite direction. You can see the back of my head in the window reflection over her right shoulder. This image was captured with my Canon G11. A digital negative was created, and the Bromoil print made from that negative.

And speaking of gallery openings, I will have my first ever individual show at Montpelier Arts Center in Laurel, Maryland.  The reception will be 2-4pm on 7 November 2010.  The subject will be The Extras, and the above image is one of the possibilities for the show.


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1 Response to The Call

  1. Jeff Damron says:

    I always enjoy your bromoils, and the story behind the image is something that I think is ofter overlooked. Nice storytelling here!

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