All The Pictures

Aaron had seen so many pictures.  They were pictures of buildings from everywhere, and they were colorful.  Nananny spoke in her gentle way, but Aaron did not know what she was saying.  Some of the buildings were very old and some looked happy and some looked sad.  He wondered if someday he could go to one of the buildings in the pictures.  Nananny’s voice wavered and her words now came more slowly, but he did not understand her.  He had seen so many pictures and many were very colorful.  One had a sky so blue that he thought that the color blue might look at it and wish it were that blue.  Nananny stopped talking and Aaron turned his head and noticed a tear in her eye.  He didn’t know what she had been saying, but he had seen so many pretty pictures today that he wondered which one was his favorite.

This is another in my series of The Extras.  It is a preliminary print that I will eventually print just a little differently.  Each of the images has an accompanying story, but of course anyone can create their own story to go with the image.  This image is a Bromoil print that has been created through the use of a digital negative.


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