Lamps For Sale – Bromoils For Pakistan Project

If you have read this blog for a while then you will recognize this image, as this is the third time I have offered it on this blog.  I first offered the image a couple of years ago, then showed it again as part of the Bromoils For Haiti Project.  I am now doing the same to help the people who have been devastated in Pakistan.  I am making this print available on eBay, with the full purchase price going to the Red Cross under the bidder’s name so that they get the tax deduction.  Below is the full description – please consider bidding, as you will be helping the less fortunate.

Two sad lamps tell the story, along with the discarded Styrofoam cup, old telephone, and No Trespassing sign. Could these lamps actually have been for sale, or were they simply used for illumination while the store’s contents was being removed?

The floods in Pakistan have affected 14 million people, more than the Haiti earthquake and Indonesia tsunami disasters combined.  There are many organizations trying to help, but their resources are stretched.  This is an opportunity to help.

A while back I offered several Bromoil prints to help aid efforts in Haiti, and this time I am doing the same to help those in Pakistan.  A Bromoil print is one where the silver of a traditional darkroom print is removed and replaces with lithographic ink by striking it repeatedly with a stiff ink charged brush.  It is a time consuming, labor intensive process that results in a unique print, as no two Bromoil prints can be made exactly the same.  The print area is 5.25 x 7.5″ (on 8 x 10″ paper) and will be titled and signed by the artist.

The winner of this print will have 100% of their bid price donated to the Red Cross in their name.  Following the purchase, I will send the confirmation information for tax purposes.  Shipping will be done via Priority Mail® Flat Rate Envelope on the Saturday morning following payment.

So bid well, knowing that not only will you receive a unique piece of art, but also that your entire bid price will go to help the millions of people in immediate need of food, water, and other items.  Thank you for your consideration.

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