Bridge 2

Bridge 2 is the current title of this next image I am offering. I have been trying to decide whether to offer catchy titles to these prints or to offer something more mundane. I guess by calling this particular one Bridge 2, I have made the latter decision.

This print falls into the abstract area of the bridges project on which I am working. That being the case, assigning a name that is suggestive of some of the things that I see in the image might distract the viewer from their own imagination. Different sections of this image are suggestive to me, but examining it now (and attempting to ignore the dust that was introduced by the scanner) I am seeing things that I had not previously noticed. For instance, from the vantage point where I shot this image it looks like the water that flows from the spout located in the middle of the top of the image must get caught by a funnel below and to the right of it. Of course this is not the case, but at this moment my eyes keep going to that area and wonder what is going on there.

This is “almost” a final print. I have been using cheap paper that has characteristics very similar to Ilford MGIV, though the base is quite different, that has allowed me to try a number of alternate versions of the print before creating a final print on the Ilford paper. (This cheap paper is actually quite nice, but I do like the Ilford better.) The final print will be very similar to this, but I see a couple of minor nits that I will correct with SpotTone.


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