It’s A Rather Small World

I just got back from the F295 Symposium in Pittsburgh. This is a group of people who are primarily interested in either pinhole and/or alternative process photography, the latter being primarily processes that were employed in the 19th century. Certainly, this is a subset of a subset of people. To narrow things down even more, I was one of a dozen people who took the matt albumen workshop, a process that was quite popular before the advent of the silver gelatin print.

The standard first morning thing was to introduce ourselves. One of the first people to do this was Patrick Mallard. The name rang a bell, but I could not tell exactly how. When I introduced myself he looked over at me with a little recognition. We got to talking, trying to figure out how we knew each other, and finally it was realized that I had featured his music on episode #23 of my Sounds of Ambience show. I’ll let someone else try to figure out the odds of that happening.

During the past week I shot 50-60 sheets of film, which for me is a very large amount. I also shot about ten rolls of film, mostly in conjunction with a project that I have just started. I will be spending quite a bit of time in the darkroom over the next several months and will be sharing my results here.


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