Please Do Not Sit In Window

Baltimore is a place a great diversity in many ways. However, if one were to attempt to distill the sense of place down to a single concept, then my guess would be that thinking in terms of the old neighborhoods would be a good direction to take. In that regard, I would have to point to Hamden as iconic, after all, where else would Honfest be held?

I have shot in Hamden on a number of occasions and have taken pictures of the places that demand my attention, like Cafe Hon, but my interest is really more along the alleys and places outside of the main drag.

This image is an example, a stoop common throughout the city with an added benefit of a chair in which to sit. The thing that got my attention, however, was the sign in the window that states, “Please do not sit in window.” I am thinking of people with no connection to the house sitting in and around the stoop, with the solution being the placement of the sign.

This is Baltimore.

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