Dry Cleaning Disaster

Continuing my walk through Hamden, numerous things pop out at me and command my attention. Flapping in the wind was this sign, which worked for me in a number of ways. From a visual aspect, I liked how the light sign pointed itself to the dark building in the background. The more I looked at it, the more amused I became with the other elements.

This is a Clear Channel sign, where the content is falling apart. Having been a podcaster for six years, Clear Channel Communications, Clear Channel’s parent company, was a point of disdain of mine, in that their domination over the radio spectrum contributed to a dearth of innovation in popular music. Coercion with the music monopoly has led to a precipitous decline in what was once a thriving market, so the picture slowly coming apart within this sign worked for me on that level.

The icing on the cake was the ability to include the name of the street, Chestnut, a word that is often used to refer to an old joke told too many times.


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