1113 W 36th

The next trio of images will come from the same location in Hampden. I came to realize a thread in my photographic interests that made sense – I like to see things as they are, as opposed to how someone would like me to see them. That is the thinking with my street photography, and is the line of thinking when I wander through alleys seeking items of interest to photograph.

As the title suggests, this is the rear door of 1113 W 36th Street. as I was taking pictures a couple of women exited another door to take a smoke break and I asked them about the subject in which my camera was interested. They told me that it was the Budget TV store, and were somewhat convinced that it was a front, as nobody ever went into the store, and they did not sell TVs. I related the same thoughts concerning a store on Main Street in Annapolis (which may no longer exist), where the windows were frosted over and I never saw anyone go in or out. I entered the store once and a man came out of a back room, stood behind a counter, and asked me what I wanted, not in an unfriendly manner, but also not in a friendly manner. I told him I was just looking and left. Curious as to whether or not this store still existed, I used Google Maps to look at Main Street and bizarrely enough the street view does not go in front of the store (bizarre in the respect that the street is the main drag within the capitol of Maryland).

Tomorrow I will offer another view of this same location, and perhaps hint at other conspiracy theories.

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