1113 W 36th Stairs

The final image of this short series is a more straightforward view of the staircase. I was attracted by the lines, vertical, horizontal, and diagonal, and how they work with one another. The essential element here is the bucket in the lower right, which breaks up the monopoly of straight elements. The only other curved element of interest is the shadow that announces itself against the wall, and its true identity remains a mystery, whereas the other straight lines are known elements.

I make every attempt to always have a camera available to me, be it digital or film. In this particular instance I happened to have my Nikon TI 35, which I happen to find perfectly suited to street photography (images will be forthcoming). Had I had my Canon G11 available, I might have taken several dozen pictures in this area, hoping that one or more would be worth keeping. However, as I had to keep in mind the fact that my film was not unlimited, it was necessary to make sure that each shot counted, so I was more careful about the few frames I exposed. Sometimes constraints are not a bad thing.


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