Sun, Cape Henlopen

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

One some days the sun appears to be more overbearing than others, and this can be magnified by going to the beach. It had been a while since the last time I sat on a beach. That time I got sunburned – not on the face, arms, back or legs, as they all had plenty of sun block – but on the tops of my feet. The result was large blisters (the one on my left foot covered nearly the entire top of the foot) and an inability to stand (I could walk, but only stand in a single place for a few seconds).

On this particular day I returned to the beach, but consciously employed sun block to the tops of my feet. I decided to print this particular pinhole negative as a lith print to accentuate the blast of the sun. An added benefit of the pinhole image is the mysterious white flare shooting onto the umbrella in laser-like fashion. This print was made on one of the few sheets of Ektalure in my possession. I had initially thought of toning the print, but think that the color works just fine for my purposes.

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